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The Tomorrow People and Grimm Season 3

Not to be outdone with other channels, Jack City and Jack TV gives its newest offering that is somewhat akin to the X-Men and their mutant abilities. The Tomorrow People began airing on October 9. It features various young people who discover – through unique and unusual means – their Psionic powers which have resulted from uncannily fast evolution results. Psionic simply means a psychic ability to induce paranormal phenomenon.

The Tomorrow People delves on that premise, settling much of the abilities on three ‘T’s – telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis. It focuses on Stephen Jameson and his missing father. As the series progresses, we learn that Jameson’s father is the strongest of his ‘kind’. We also learn of an organization named Ultra which hunts down Tomorrow People and neutralizes them.

Apart from this new series, Grimm is now back for a new season. Season 3 premieres on November 8, Friday at 8pm, resuming its former timeslot. The series kicks off with the show’s leading character, Nick Burkhardt, in the spell of a Wesen which made him violent. The timing couldn’t be more off since he and his long –time girlfriend / fiancé Juliette have just made up. Fans may very well remember that Juliette has also been suffering from a curse for some time now, leaving her in a selective form of magically induced amnesia. She forgets who Nick is and even goes as far as driving him away to leave with our favorite werewold, Monroe. What else is in store? Tune into JackCity and Jack TV to find out.

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