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TV Series to Watch Out For: ALMOST HUMAN

A new and upcoming show has science fiction fans buzzing with excitement. ‘Almost Human’, a TV series set 35 years into the future, is set to debut on November 17. It is a crime / procedural drama show with special effects fit for the cinema and not the small tube.

It also doesn’t hurt that the main stars are two of the hottest hunks in Hollywood today. The cast is led by Karl Urban, whom we last saw reprising his role in the ‘Riddick’  franchise. Urban plays serious, brooding and burly John Kennex, a LAPD officer who becomes paired off with an equally dreamy guy, Michael Ealy. Lest the ladies swoon, Ealy plays an android – a robot – and apparently, this role works really well with him, because the teasers so far show us his devilish good looks have been played to the utmost.

Eye candy aside (and of course, I speak as a woman ) ‘Almost Human’ shows huge potential to make its way high up into the TV rankings. The setting is interesting, the premise is unusual, the plot is unique. While some remark that there is a parallel with Will Smith’s, ‘I, Robot’ – a cop with a dislike for robots – the dynamic between the human (or bionic) cop and his android partner definitely brings something new and fresh on the table.

‘Almost Human’ premieres in the US on November 17. No air date has been set for Asian shores for now, but Fox has already confirmed its inclusion in their line up of shows that will be coming soon.

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