How to Set-up Blogger Custom Domain with Namecheap

Here are the simple steps to follow if you want to point the domain you purchased from Namecheap to your Blogger's blog. 

1. Log-in to you Blogger account and then go to Settings -> Basic and click Set-up a 3rd Party URL for your blog

2. Type the domain that you just purchased from Namecheap. Make sure to add "www" and then click Save.

An error message will appear stating that they have not verified the authority of the domain. Don't worry because you can set this up in your Namecheap account. Just take note of the CNAMEs  provided because you will need these details.

3. Next, log-in to your Namecheap account and go to Manage Domains. Then choose the domain you want to point (for this example, I used and on the left menu bar click All Host Records.

4. Then modify the existing data with the CNAMEs provided by Blogger or follow the example screenshot below. Make sure to add http://www on the first field where you add the IP Address or your Blog's URL. Then click Save Changes.

5. Go back to your Blogger account (settings page) where you set-up the 3rd Party URL for your Blog and click Save. Your old domain will now be redirected to your new domain. Yey!

So if you access my old domain: it will now go to 

So what do you think? Very easy right? Try it! If you still have any questions, just leave your comments below. :) 

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