How to Decide on an Amazing Website Idea

It's incredibly easy for anyone to make a website nowadays. However, it isn't so easy to get people interested in your site - that takes a bit more effort. If you've never created a website before and you'd like to have a go, you might be stuck for ideas. Or perhaps you have too many ideas but you don't know which one to pick. There are many things to think about if you want to start a website, including whether you wish to make money from it. Before you settle on an idea and start building your site, ask yourself some of the questions below and consider how and why your website will function.

Money Maker or Hobby?

When you set up your website, do you want to run it as a hobby or are you hoping to make some cash? You might start off doing it for fun, and decide to monetize your site later on. Depending on what you choose to do, you'll probably approach the creation of your website in different ways. If you do decide only to run it as a hobby, keep in mind that you might want to make some money from it later on. You'll have a bit more freedom if you don't care too much about getting a lot of traffic to your site, but you can also run your website as a business and still enjoy the process. If you do decide that you're setting up a business, you need to think about your profits every step of the way. How will what you're doing attract visitors, keep them on the site and bring in revenue for you?

Do Something You're Passionate About

Running a website can take up a lot of your time. Of course, it's up to you how much time you dedicate to it, but if you want to make some money you can't neglect it. You should choose something that you love to make the long hours creating and uploading content less of a chore. Using your passion as something to start off your site will give you a real enthusiasm for it, whether you want to make a profit from it or not.

Create a How-to Site

People love blogs and websites with valuable information that teaches them how to do things. Step-by-step instructions can guide people through doing anything at all, from making clothes to DIY. One of the things that people use the internet for a lot is finding out how to do something for themselves, whether it's for a hobby or they're trying to avoid hiring a professional. Think about what you're knowledgeable about and how you can turn your knowledge into helpful content for your site's visitors.

Start Selling

One of the most distinct ways to make money online is by selling a product or service. You don't have to make anything yourself because you can just as easily sell other people's products. You can set up an online store selling either physical products or digital items, such as ebooks. And you can also use your website to offer your services in something that you specialize in, from writing to graphic design. Even if you don't want to sell anything yourself, you can become an affiliate with other companies to promote their products and take a cut of the sales. If you want to sell, think carefully about what you're going to offer and whether there's a market for your products. Decide how much time you wish to put into the selling too. If you act as an affiliate, you won't have to handle shipping or other tasks, whereas offering your own items will involve handling postage and the like.

Be Funny

Humor tends to go down well in its many different forms. You might decide to create a satirical blog or perhaps make some humorous videos. Some successful funny websites can tap into internet culture or the latest trends. They might provide a service or just play on something popular. For example, the online troll face maker allows people to make their own stick-figure "rage faces" for use on Reddit, Tumblr, and other social sites. However, using memes such as these requires you to have a finger on the pulse of current happenings all over the internet.

Consider a Forum

If you want to have a more social place where people can discuss politics, their favorite hobbies or other topics, you might think about hosting a forum. Forums can be great places for people to come together and form a community. You could host one independently, or it could be part of your primary website as a way to make it more social and help your visitors to connect to each other. Forums aren't necessarily the best place to make an income, but you can incorporate them into other online money making methods.

Think About What's in it for Your Visitors

When you create your site, you should be considering what will bring in visitors and keep them there. It's great to make a website that you enjoy running, but unless other people like visiting, it's a bit pointless. Of course, if you don't care at all about traffic, you can do whatever you want. But if you want people to see your website, and especially if you wish to make money, you need to provide something for others. In particular, free and accessible material is essential, whether it's articles, games or videos.

Look at Competition

Whichever topic you choose for your website, you're likely to be up against some tough competition. You might want to find a specialism or niche where you're competing against fewer people, or perhaps to look at something from a fresh angle. If there are hundreds of websites doing the same thing that you're doing, it will be harder to get noticed. So think about whether you want to enter a busy area or carve out your own unique corner of the internet.

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