Online versus Offline Bingo


The game of bingo has existed in the form of lottery, housie etc for years now. Traditionally bingo was played in the bingo halls, with a large group of people intently listening to the bingo caller whooping out the numbers as players would keep their eyes down and daub. Some random player would get lucky and shout out ‘Bingo’! That’s how originally the game started.

With the advent of the internet in the recent years, the game got all the more popular across the globe. Today millions of players participate in this exciting and enjoyable game. Listed out are few of the differences in playing online and offline.

The first reason for the growth of online bingo would be its convenience. Players don't have to go to any other physical destination at a specific time to play anymore. In online bingo players can play 24/7 from the comfort of their home. No need to have a proper dress code and driving a long way. All you need is a little patience to create an account and make a deposit using various banking methods available on the site.
Most of the online bingo sites today have chat rooms where players can communicate with each other which wasn't quite possible in the bingo halls as it would risk missing out on a number. Also few sites run chat games that give players a chance to win free bonuses - something that doesn't exist in offline bingo.

The biggest benefit for all the online bingo players is the bonus money. Online bingo promotions tend to be very generous and in offline you don’t get bonuses and promotions. Lastly the major difference would be the games themselves. Bingo halls usually have limited variety, but online bingo sites have a much better variations of bingo and slot games. Also jackpots are much more higher in online bingo.

Well, as you can see both have their own advantages and disadvantages so which one to choose is up to you. While some may love online bingo due to the offers and varieties, others would prefer face-to-face conversation at a local bingo hall, something that can never be replaced by the internet.

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