A Celebration of Happiness

Picture, picture! (wedding of Mona) 

So many things had happened. I wanted to write them right away here. But laziness just always strikes me ! Arrgghh..

Anyway, I'm in the mood right now and I just want to make a quick update on how's life and give you the reasons why I called this a celebration of happiness :)


Two of my college classmates got married alredy. Yep? As in naunahan pa nila ako. Imagine? Kailan kaya ang sa akin? But I'm super happy for them. They have finally found their Mr. Right! 

July 15 -  it was my first time to attend a wedding ceremony. This was the wedding of Grace, one of my closest friends in College.  I couldn't help myself but to cry especially the part where she entered the chapel and her parents were waiting. 

With my college classmates (wedding of Grace)

August 29 - I attended the wedding of Mona. She married a handsome and young Danish guy Hehe. I represented Mona's girlfriends who will do the speech. Yeah! First time ko rin and medyo kabado especially that I will have to talk in English. Hehe. Okay naman at nalampasan ko rin siya. I shared the time when Mona and I had a deal of who will get married first. She was really sure that it will be me. 

And after the wedding, we decided to have a videoke with my classmates. Oh how I missed this! Sayang, hindi lahat ng Clan B present. I think it was 2010 na parang kumpleto kami lahat.

Lucky Winner

Another thing that I want to share is that I get lucky with some Raflle Promos! I won an Ipad Mini and a coffee maker! The Ipad Mini was last December 2014. I was one of the lucky SkyCable subscribers who got it. I only have 1 raffle entry.  Hehe. Only 20 winners all over the Philippines for that gadget. I was really surprised when I received a call. At first I didn't believe it but when I finally got the device - I was jumping with joy. It's my first apple device!

As for the coffee maker, this was just last month. Got two raffle entries when I purchased Purefood products from SM Ecoland and luckily I won! Yepeeey!!!! I hope next time, car naman mapanalunan ko. Who knows? Hehe. 

High School Reunion

I was able to visit Cebu again to attend our first ever reunion with my high school classmates. This was last December 2014. Though it was only a short trip but I really had fun! It's just a nice feeling to see them again after so many years. :) I hope to be back and explore Cebu more!  

Pay Raise 

Lastly, I am now 1 year and 3 months with my new work and I got salary increased twice! Yepeey! I can now allot a budget for our kitchen which really needs improvement. It always gets flooded when there is rain.

That's it! More happiness and more blessings to all of us! :) Till my next blog post! 

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