Looking For Your First Car? Read This Advice Today

So, you’ve just passed your driving test? Well done! You are now legally allowed to purchase a car and get on the road. The only hassle is that choosing the right model can be tough. You also have to make other decisions that could impact your driving experience. The chances of you being involved in a crash are much higher when you’ve just passed your test, and so it’s not worth buying a brand new model. You need to spend as little as possible while still getting a reliable runaround.

Decide on the best way of getting your car

You have three main options when it comes to obtaining your first car. Most specialist dealers will offer finance packages, and they are perfect for people without cash on the hip. There are also lots of leasing companies that would allow you to get an upmarket model for low rates. However, the best option on the table is for you to purchase the vehicle outright. Visit second-hand showrooms and speak to the owners. There is always room for negotiation when you’re purchasing used models.

Check insurance costs before buying

New drivers make a lot of mistakes when they first get on the road. One of the most costly relates to insurance. You could end up in financial trouble if you don’t get quotes before purchasing your vehicle. Just because the car is available for under £1000, that doesn’t mean the tax or insurance is low. There are plenty of models on the market for less than £1000 that have huge engines. So, you could end up paying closer to £3,000 for insurance costs, and that doesn’t make sense. Do yourself a favour and try to find models with an engine smaller than 1.2-litres. That way, you should keep insurance costs as low as possible.

Select a brand you can trust

Experienced sellers at A1 Carriages say all the top manufacturers produce reliable cars these days. However, household names like Ford tend to get things right more often than others. It’s always possible to get a bad car from any brand, but you can usually trust anything made by Vauxhall, Ford or Peugeot. Don’t worry about manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes-Benz at the moment. Their models are far more luxurious, but your insurance costs would be astronomical.

Take the model for a test drive

Test driving your vehicle should be a top priority. Most used car dealers are honest these days, but some might try to pull the wool over your eyes. It should be pretty clear if there are any strange noises coming from the engine when you are driving the vehicle. Presuming you don’t know much about automobiles, it might be worth calling a mechanic too. Most professionals are willing to attend car viewings with you for a small fee. Paying that money is better than losing thousands because you purchased something unsuitable.

Now you know how to get your first car without too much hassle, there should be nothing stopping you. Getting on the road after passing your test can be an exciting experience. However, you need to make sure that you don’t rush into anything. It’s much better to take your time and wait until you find a model that meets your criteria. You haven’t driven on the roads legally for your entire life. Another couple of weeks isn’t going to hurt.

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