Premium Tyres: Worth The Money Or Just Marketing Hype?

Do you need to buy some new tyres for your car soon? If so, one thing's for sure. The process of selecting the right ones can, at times, get complicated! That's because there is so much choice on the market.

From a distance, all tyres look the same. Get closer, and you'll notice that they have different tread patterns. Still, that's all many people assume is what differentiates each tyre. Of course, what some folks may not know is that the chemical makeup of each tyre model is different too.

You'll also notice that some tyres are cheap, and get referred to as "budget" ones. You've then got mid-range and premium tyres that cost more. If you're unsure of the tyre "type" to buy, you may have asked your friends or even car enthusiasts online.

Some of those people may have said to you only to stick to premium brands and models of tyre. But, are premium tyres worth the extra expense? Or are they just a marketing ploy to have you spend more money with tyre retailers?

As someone that's bought all kinds of tyres in the past, I can tell you that it's worth paying more for premium ones. Here's why:

They last longer than budget tyres

Some people assume that budget tyres are cheap because they are dangerous. To be honest, there are some pretty good budget brands out there. But they only work well on specific types of cars and in specific road conditions.

Stick those budget tyres on a car they're not meant for, and they won't last long. Premium tyres cost more because they have more to offer. They might look like budget models, but there are significant differences.

First of all, they will have an improved chemical composition. Tyres aren't made just of rubber. They also contain other chemicals to help them perform well in a variety of settings. Second, they are tougher. That means there is less chance of punctures affecting your tyres.

And, third, they will offer better fuel economy. Take the Michelin Energy Saver+, for example. Many sizes offer fuel economy ratings of B, and wet weather ratings of A.

They are quieter than budget tyres

Another benefit of premium tyres is cabin noise. The faster you drive on the road, the noisier your tyres can get. What some people may not realise is that certain tyre brands and models are louder than others.

In general, tyres with a softer rubber "compound" emit less noise. Cheaper budget tyres are often louder because they have a different chemical composition.

Warranty support is better

Sometimes customers may come across tyres that have defects from the factory. It's something that affects all tyres, regardless of who makes them. Although it isn't a problem that happens all the time, it can sometimes occur.

With tyre defects, premium brands offer better warranty support than budget ones. The good news is that you can usually take your car to an authorised reseller of your tyre's brand. So, if you happen to notice a defect and you're 500 miles away from home, a retailer near to you can help.

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