Bingo and its impeccable origin

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It’s often said that the oldest games are the best, and if you look at some of the classic games played today, many of them have archaic origins. Chess is a great example, as the current form evolved in the 1400s in Europe. In fact there are numerous amount of data which show similar games dating back to 6th century AD. Roulette has also been allied to a game that Roman soldiers usually plays with a chariot wheel along with many other gambling games which has been linked to timeworn China and Greece.

Even the humble game of bingo has historic origins. The game which bears correlation to ‘bingo’ as we know it today is the ‘Lo gioco del lotto del Italia’ which was got initiated during the 1500s. There is an identical format to bingo games today, with each player having a card with nine columns and three rows for the bingo classic 90-ball bingo.
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In fact this game is largely played in Italy today and due to its prominence it has become extremely popular in the other European countries. The game card bore quite a strong resemblance to the bingo tickets we see today. It had nine columns and three rows, with numbers engraved on any of the 15 boxes. Players always need to stay alert as they are suppose to check the called out number instantly without missing them.

Today, the virtual world is full of bingo sites offering a wide array of games along with a variety of fun features. If you play on a site like Game Village Bingo you’ll see that they have a wide collection of bingo games which is easy to operate as you don’t have to mark off the numbers yourself.

In fact the prizes are well taken care off! You can also opt to join in the progressive or the guaranteed jackpots along with the special games which are usually attached to big events or changing season. Keep an eye on the promotions tab of the site to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these.
Bingo has always been a great way to unwind your mind from a heavy day at work or at home. Hence you should certainly join in to relish on the flavour of some extremely popular set of bingo games at

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