3 Ways to Protect Your Horse from Boredom

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Owning a horse is a tremendous responsibility. Not only do these animals live very long lives, they also require a considerable amount of care and upkeep. Anyone thinking about horse ownership should be aware that grooming, feeding and exercising these animals can eat up a substantial chunk of time. In addition to keeping your horse groomed and nourished, you’ll also need to keep it entertained. When faced with boredom, horses become temperamental and lethargic, so it behooves caregivers to provide them with sufficient stimulation. 

1. Provide Grazing Material

Horses are natural grazers. This means that in addition to their daily grain, they should be given hay or pasture grass to chew on throughout the day. This is particularly important for horses who spend most of their time in stables. Not only will this go a long way in preventing boredom, it will also ensure that your animal is consistently nourished. 

2. Exercise Your Horse 

Like any animal, horses require regular exercise. Unsurprisingly, spending one’s days in a stable can quickly become boring and tedious. Furthermore, remaining stationary all day isn’t good for your horse’s demeanor or physical well being. With this in mind, make sure your horse is exercised on a daily basis. Whether this means riding it, taking it for walks – or both – it’s imperative that the animal engage in some form of physical activity each day.By extension, purchasing comprehensive horse insurance is another great way to ensure your horse’s physical well being. 

3. Change up Your Routine

If you ride your horse on a consistent basis, it pays to occasionally change up your routine. Traversing the same path again and again can become tedious for horses. Like humans, they require the occasional shakeup in their standard routine in order to keep things fresh. For this reason, it’s recommended that owners regularly ride their horses down different paths. This will enable them to enjoy new sights and sounds while engaging in daily exercise. 

Horse care is not something that should be taken lightly. Shirking these responsibilities can lead to health problems and consistent unease in your animal, thus diminishing its quality of life. Since horses are far more prone to boredom than other animals, the task of keeping them entertained falls squarely on owners. In the quest to keep your horse happy and stimulated, take care to provide adequate grazing material, give your horse plenty of exercise and periodically change up your regular routine.

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