Show Me The Money: The Link Between Health And Finances


According to the saying, money makes the world go wrong, and it isn’t hard to see why. From the house a person lives into the friends they make, money affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Yes, that includes health, too. 

Most people don’t know that a link between a person’s well-being and finances exist, but it is there for all to see. Basic figures from an Associated Press study show that 27% of high-stress debtors had health issues, such as ulcers. 

The simple fact is, the more money you have, the better your health. So, how does someone with a low-income battle the inevitable? Take a look at the following for more. 

High-Stress Levels 

You might not know it, but there is such a thing as positive stress. It is the type of stress which pushes a person to work harder, faster, and longer when the pressure is on. Unfortunately, the majority of tension is negative as it revolves around emotions such as worry and panic. For instance, you are frightened because the credit card bill is due and the money isn’t in the account. The key is to tackle debts to lower stress levels, which sounds easier to say than do. However, it is possible with advice from Consolidating debts will help to reduce the monthly payments and prevent panic at the beginning of each month.


As a direct knock-on effect of high-stress levels, people lose the ability to sleep. A study by Harvard Nurses’ Health found this can lead to increased risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, and heart disease to name but three. To go further, a lack of sleep also contributes to obesity, moodiness, and short-term memory loss. In simple terms, a person who doesn’t get 7 hours a night, because they are worried about their finances, is vulnerable to health issues. Again, reducing stress by paying off your debts is the key, but that isn’t easy. So, a doctor might be able to prescribe pills which help you get plenty of Zs per night. 

Heart Disease 

People with lower incomes tend to be less educated. No one is saying these people are stupid, but they are less aware of the facts. As a result, a low-income can affect their diet as they might not understand the consequences. On the flip side, they might understand perfectly yet don’t have the means to buy healthy food. Either way, a study on shows this makes poorer people more at risk. One way to eat healthier on a small budget is to learn more about cooking. That way, you will know which foodstuffs are the healthiest and have the most nutritional value. Even on a budget, it is possible to cut the cost of groceries by a significant amount. Of course, less junk food and more omega-3 and antioxidants will lower the chances of heart disease. 

As you can see, the link is apparent. Now that you know, it is your duty to try and avoid the connection as best you can.

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