Beyond Netflix: 5 Alternative Platforms For Next Gen TV Binges

Despite being dealt the blow of Disney’s decision to go solo, the success of Netflix is simply incredible. Millions of viewers now use the platform on a daily basis, and there’s no question that it’s better than being stuck to the schedules.

Still, it doesn’t have to boast a monopoly on your viewing experiences. Here are five other options the satisfy the needs of a modern viewer.

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#1. On Demand Services 

Many broadcasters now make their shows available for streaming and downloads. This means you can watch your favorite shows at a time to suit you. However, these services aren’t limited to normal TV channels. Sports fans can sign up for products like the UFC Pass, which essentially offers access to premium content for a monthly fee. If you’re into live events rather than films, it can be a far better option than Netflix. In most cases, those broadcasts can be viewed across multiple devices. 


Netflix is simply brilliant in many different genres. Then again, it is catered towards universal audiences rather than niche markets. Frankly, animated comedies are one of the areas where it is a little lacking. offers shows like One Punch Man, which will feed your thirst for animated comedies that come at the genre from a unique angle. Better still, you’ll be discovering programming that can then be introduced to friends and family. Let’s face it; when you ask if they’ve seen the latest Netflix show, the answer is always yes. 

#3. Next Up 

Watching TV is ultimately a way to keep yourself entertained when you can’t enjoy nights out and fun activities. However, you can at least replicate the atmosphere of being at a live event, and stand up shows are one of the best ways to do it. Next Up is a platform dedicated solely to showing comedy. From global stars to the icons of tomorrow, the volume of stand up is far greater than Netflix’s. If you’re looking for affordable laughs that also directly help out the artists, this is the perfect solution.


#4. YouTube 

It’s almost possible to find someone that doesn’t know about YouTube, but it’s not all about DIY tutorials and cat videos. If paying a monthly subscription doesn’t appeal, YouTube allows you to rent individual films and TV shows. Alternatively, you could stick to the free uploads provided by the extensive community that keeps the website growing. There is YouTube Red to remove the advertizing too. In reality, though, most people will happily sit through 15 seconds of advertising in return for free viewing. 

#5. Smart TV Boxes 

The internet has changed our viewing habits forever. Still, television still has a key role to play. In addition to the online streaming from broadcasters, many TV providers offer hardware that allows you to record or even pause live TV. For those who desire the shared experience with friends and family, sitting around this hub remains the key. Connect it to the internet to embrace some of those above aspects too, and your viewing experience will be better than ever.

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