Distracted Employees: A Guide To Getting Things In Focus

For the average employee, there’s a lot going on when they get to their desks. 

Once upon a time, desks might have been simple affairs with a typewriter, somewhere to rest their coffee, and pretty much nothing else. The modern business world offers quite the opposite. Not only do employees have access to a variety of different devices and technology to work with, but they’re all connected to the greatest distraction in human history: the internet. 

The problems this can cause you, as a business owner, are overwhelming. You’re faced with the reality of constantly having to drag your employees’ attention back to where you need it to be, at a time in history when there are so many other things for them to do. From office gossip to the general call of the internet, if you want to get things focused, then you’re going to have to go the extra mile to keep them on task. 

1) Think Physical 

The biggest distraction is undoubtedly pain. Repetitive Strain Injury - better known as RSI - is a constant threat for today’s office workers, and think about it: how well can you focus when you’re in some sort of pain? The answer is probably not very well, and the same is true of your employees. 

It’s worth your time to engage with a facility services group who can help you put together the best office furniture you can manage. This will keep employees happy in their seats, meaning they’re less likely to need to take a break constantly to ease their aching bodies. It’ll pay off in the long run. 

2) Restrict The Internet

No one likes filters on their work internet access, but frankly, it’s a necessary evil. Apart from the person who is in charge of the company social media, there’s really no need for employees to have access to the time sucks of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Blocking them might raise a few annoyed comments, but it’s a practical choice rather than a desire to punish people. 

3) No Cellphones 

There is really no need for employees to have cellphones on their desks. In their pockets or handbags, sure; sometimes, they might need to keep an eye out for a call from a family member, or are waiting on news they need to be aware of as soon as it happens. However, this should be by policy; employees can inform you of the need to have their cellphone on their desk, but for everyone else, they’re not to be seen. By removing the temptation, you can wrest back a little more focus onto where it needs to be. 

4) Scheduled Breaks 

As a rule of thumb, employees should be taking a ten-minute break for every two hours they work. This will actually make them more focused in the time they are working, knowing their next opportunity to check their phones or catch up with their work friend is just around the corner. 

With any luck, these rules will keep your employees focusing exactly where they should be: on your business.

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