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Casablanca - Best Love story movie of all time???

I watched Casablanca few weeks ago in order to satisfy my curiosity.

I got interested with the movie long time ago after hearing so many good reviews not only from old folks I know but also from people I see on television. They have always been telling that this is the best love story movie of all time. So, for a love story sucker and hopeless romantic like me - what is the reason of not watching it? To think, I have always been on constant search for great movies of this like.

Anyway, the movie was okay for me. I wasn't able to appreciate it that much compared to what others had said. It must have been because I have already watched better ones compared to Casablanca such as The Notebook and The Classic. But if I was born of their time, I believe I would have the same appreciation.

I also learned that this 1942 movie was actually the basis of all the love story movies we have been enjoying right now. A lot of elements have been drawn out from Casablanca and it is even noted as a plot device in the science-fiction television movie. And I am happy that I really watched Casablanca.

By the way if you have some great love story movies to commend feel free to leave a message here. You will definitely make me happy. Hehehehehhee...

Photo taken from the IMP Awards Website

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