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Wentworth Miller - Prison Break (Love you!)

Prison Break, Wentworth MillerTwo weeks ago, I bought DVD's of Prison Break - the complete episodes of Seasons 1-3. Raphael was actually the one who recommended me to watch this TV series. I am also curious if Prison Break will be as great as 24 (so far the best), Alias or Heroes.

So after the exams my students had, I gave myself a break just last weekend. I finished Seasons 1 and 2 and is looking forward for the Season 3. It is quite good but I will just have to give you the detail of my review on my Entertainment Fanatic blog. But one thing is for sure, I love Wentworth Miller. He is just so hot! No wonder that this TV series is getting high ratings. It is a plus factor if the lead role is handsome you know. Women especially gays are drooling over with a hot papa! (Charus!)

I just hope that the rumors about him is not true. Natsismis lang naman kasi siya na "bakla" because he was going out with Luke McFarlane. Many are also doubting because he has no girlfriend until now. Hehehehehe...Another chikka, I thought Wentworth and I are of the same age but I was wrong 36 na pla siya. Di halata ha! Bongga! Love you Papa Wentworth! :)


  1. hi ams.. totally crazy over this guy! mabuang ko bayettt!!

    what season kana?

  2. @kathreen: Mao, mao. Pirmi pud siya maregister sa ko hunahuna. Ganahan jud ko niya pud..Hehhehehee... Season 3 nako.

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