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Marrying the Mafia

According to Wikipedia, Marrying the Mafia sold 5,200,001 tickets, becoming 14th highest Korean films-ticket selling film. For the year of 2002 it was the highest-attended South Korean film, and the second highest-attended film (including international productions) in South Korea. Marrying Mafia was also an instant hit, beating out other 2002 film competitors such as Jail Breakers, The Way Home and Sex is Zero.

So out from these information I’ve read I became so intrigue to watch this movie. All the more when I learned that Kim Jung-eun is the starring role. But unfortunately, I didn’t like Marrying the Mafia. It's a bit dull and I am not satisfied with the comedy. It was kind of a  waste of time. I wonder what made this movie hit and high grossing. Is it because of the gangster story or because of the cast and characters? Jaaahh…I don’t know, only them can tell.

Photo taken from the Filme Koreene Website

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