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Everytime I am writing a post here in my blogger account, I always checked out some news or update in my dashboard. And now, I was surprised to see about this Knol - a new web authoring tool from Google.

So what is this Knol? Why come up with this kind of tool when they already have Blogger? Okay, just read the info below:

Knol, Blogger
Blogs are great for quickly and easily getting your latest writing out to your readers, while knols are better for when you want to write an authoritative article on a single topic. The tone is more formal, and, while it's easy to update the content and keep it fresh, knols aren't designed for continuously posting new content or threading.

Except for the different format, you'll get all the things you've come to expect from Blogger in Knol. Like Blogger, Knol has simple web authoring tools that make it easy to collaborate, co-author, and publish. It has community features as well: Your readers will be able to add comments and rate your article, and, if you want, they'll be able to suggest edits that you can then either accept or reject. And, just like in Blogger, you can also choose to include ads from AdSense in your knols to perhaps make a little money.

One other important difference between Knol and Blogger is that Knol encourages you to reveal your true identity. Knols are meant to be authoritative articles, and, therefore, they have a strong focus on authors and their credentials. We feel that this focus will help ensure that authors get credit for their work, make the content more credible.

All in all, we think Knol will be a great new way for you to share what you know, inform people about an issue that is important to you, raise your profile as an expert in your field, and maybe even make some money from ads.

Interesting right? Mr. G is actually encouraging people to contribute knowledge that is why Knol stands for a basic unit of knowledge. So what are you waiting for? If you have that bright ideas in your mind so you better write an authoritative article now.

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