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Facts About the Trendy Tungsten Engagement Rings

For the last decade, Tungsten World tungsten rings have become more popular in being used to symbolize lifelong engagements. Yes, you have heard it right. Several men in this generation preferred to pick engagement rings made of tungsten - which has the highest melting point of all metals at 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This certain metal and element is officially named Wolfram and was discovered by Peter Woulfe in 1779. The word Tungsten means “heavy stone” in Danish and Swedish.

Tungsten Rings, Tungsten Engagement Rings
Tungsten alone is not really a kind of material highly recommended in making jewelries because it could be easily damaged like that of dents and scratches. But when combined with carbon alloy, it will become tungsten carbide: a strong metal equally hard with steel and four times harder than titanium. Now if a jewelry piece is produced as a result of the mix, it is now scratch resistant.

The best suggested element or metal which could finish and bind the engagement ring made of tungsten carbide is Nickel. It is not advisable to use Cobalt as it is prone to oxidation when in contact with the natural oil from the human skin. The advantage of mixing with Nickel is to make the ring more hypoallergenic so to avoid skin irritation. Be sure that your jeweler made use of nickel to bind your customized tungsten carbide ring.

As a piece of advice, you must get beforehand the exact size of the ring you have ordered as tungsten carbide rings cannot be re-sized for that simple and plain reason that it is extremely hard. But the downside of this kind of mixture is that engraving could not be as pleasing to the eyes. You can also improve your customized engagement ring by mixing with gold, silver or platinum. As a result of the combination, the ring appears to be more shiny and attractive.

Choosing an engagement ring made of tungsten is still the best decision and the right choice you have made regardless of what kind of metal mix you would prefer. The reason behind this is that you could pass the ring to the next generations of your future descendants.

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