My 2012 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone! 

How I miss writing on this blog. This is supposed to be an online diary but what happened is, it's no longer updated and the blog posts are sometimes out of nowhere. Hehe

Anyway, its the time of the year where I do my Year in Review for 2012. I have started blogging about this last  2009 and 2010 but have not make a post for 2011. Hmmnn...Where was I that time? I guess I was just too lazy to blog or not in the mood. 

So, let's start. I will just have this by quarter since there's not much happenings for every month. 

1. January-March 2012 - The most memorable was the Sugod Kapatid sa Davao TV 5 event I attended. I met Lorna Tolentino, Alex Gonzaga and Zoren Legaspi. :) 

2. April - June 2012 - House Project. Consume all my funds and made salary loan because of this. I was not  expecting it would costs me that much amount. But at least my family is safer now. For 2013, no more house project muna. Save, save, save and update my contributions to SSS and PhilHealth. 

We also had a beach getaway with my friends. We went to Dayang Beach Resort

3. July - September 2012 - I was invited by former colleagues at JairoSolutions for their outing. We went to Lake Agco, Kidapawan City. 

I miss team building. When I was working in the office, we always have this. 

4. October - December 2012 - I started feeling this pain in my lower abdomen or pelvic region. Up to now, I'm still unwell but at least the pain is not severe anymore compared before. This made me realize to start having a healthy diet. As my bf says, I'm the breadwinner of the family and I should be healthy. What will happen to them if I got sick? :(

That's it. I hope 2013 will be a good year for me financially and in terms of my health and my family's health.  I'm also excited to share to you this healthy journey.

I thank God my boyfriend is with me all the time. I'm not that conscious with my health until I met him. But before I forget, celebrating our first anniversary is the best thing that happened to me in 2012.

We celebrated it at Jacks Ridge where we become officially boyfriend-girlfriend at that place. Hehe. 

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