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How to set-up a Wireless Connection without using a Router

If you have a mobile broadband such as Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro, you can actually share your internet without using a router or buying another software. This is by using Wireless Adhoc  network. It  is a temporary network used for sharing files, presentations, or an Internet connection among multiple computers and devices. Computers and devices in ad hoc networks must be within 30 feet of each other.

The steps are just very easy. See them below.

1.  Go to your Network and Sharing Center. You can access this by going to your Control Panel or simply click the Network Icon found at the task bar.

2. On the Network Settings options, click Set-up a New Connection or Network. A new window will pop-up then scroll down and click Set-up Wireless Adhoc (computer-to-computer network)

A new window will then appear explaining to you what is an Adhoc Network. After that just click on Next button....
3. Provide your Network Name and Password. Just like when you set-up a wireless connection using a router, you will provide this so your network is secure.

4. Turn On Internet Sharing Connection - after securing your network, make sure to choose Turn On Internet Sharing Connection option. Double check also if you have connected your Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro USB to the Internet already.

Your network is now ready to use. If you check the Network Icon setting found on the task bar, you will see Waiting for Users. 

To connect to the said network, for our example 12345 - you will just need to click on that icon and input the network security key.

Viola! See? No need for a router right? So if you have friends coming over, you can just give them the network security key so they can use your internet too. :)

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