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4 Top Reasons to Lazada’s Quick Rise in the Philippine Electronic Market

In less than a year since its official launch last March 2012, Lazada Philippines, an online local shopping avenue, has outgrown other local online E-commerce sites in such a short span of time.

You may wonder how Lazada did a quick rise to popularity. There are but many reasons aside from the online traffic due to the ads in all forms of media. These reasons of course are not being hid or like secrets and anyone who has experienced purchasing even a single item at Lazada can attest to such truths.

Convenient Mode of Payment

Before Lazada came, it is a known fact that purchasing items online here in the country is a hassle because this would require the use of a credit card. Credit cards have negative implications that is why only a few Filipinos prioritize to acquire such.
To solve that simple problem with regards to the Filipino market, Lazada has made use of an alternate payment means using Dragonpay. This mode does not involve the use of a credit card. You will be depositing payments through some selected banks, SM Bayad Centers and through LBC, which is operating in most localities. Aside from that, if you feel like paying for the products when it reaches your doorstep, it’s alright. This online store also allows cash on delivery system- a very convenient means to pay for the items.

Care for Customer’s Opinion

If your concern is on the store’s credibility, on its schedule for the delivery of goods or if the goods delivered at your doorstep were really the ones you have ordered, Lazada has allotted a certain place in the site where customers can read of what other past customers experienced when availing of their products. After your transaction, you are free to express either your positive or negative opinions.

Wide Variety of Categories Available on Site

Working moms, housewives, young professionals, students and teachers alike and a lot more Filipinos here and abroad who browse the net and you are a part of a very vast target market Lazada is catering to. But that massive market is also paired with twelve categories namely Mobiles and Tablets, Computers and Laptops, Consumer Electronics, Cameras, Home and Living, Home Appliances, Toys and Babies, Fashion and Accessories, Beauty and Health Care, Travel and Luggage, Sports, Books, Music and Movies.

Fast and Secured and Scam Free Shopping

The nature of transacting with online shopping malls is vulnerable to scams. With the process itself wherein you are made to pay first before the shipping, maybe you are one of those who unluckily experienced being scammed but not with Lazada. You can be assured of Lazada’s reputation as one of the most legitimate sites you can find over the net and in fact, it also operates in other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Filipinos have regained their once lost trust to online market sellers (due to some fake deals and scams) with Lazada’s emergence to the electronic market.

Added to those mentioned, what sets Lazada apart from others is their return policy when items purchased were damaged and this goes along with free shipping and cash on delivery system.

Like any business, Lazada’s actions always points to the phrase “Customer is King.” Furthermore, it aims to give the customers their best experience in online shopping coupled with convenience, fast-paced delivery and secured transactions.

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