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5 Great Photography Apps for your Smartphone

Apps can transform your smartphone's digital camera into a point-and-shoot wonder machine. However, finding truly unique features can be difficult. These five smartphone apps offer something more than than cropping and basic filters.

Snapseed, Photography Apps, Mobile Apps

Snapseed by Google+ (iOS and Android)

Snapseed's slew of photo adjustment tools can make any photo impressive. Center Focus mimics a shallow aperture, keeping only the area you tap in-focus while blurring out the background. The Vintage tool is much more than a single filter; it can mimic multiple film types and has several texture options. With Snapseed, you can even mimic the drama of a tilt-shift lens.

This app's most impressive offering is Selective Adjustment. Instead of altering the whole image, this option allows you to fine-tune individual sections of photo with simple gestures. Add and manipulate multiple control points to create a truly dynamic photo.

FullCamera by SeungJae Lee (iOS)

A simple but value tool, Full Camera removes the lower options bar from the iPhone Camera screen. View your image field from border-to-border with minimal interruption. Take photos with just a tap or use the volume button. Access a hidden menu with a swipe to switch between front and rear camera, flash, still frame versus video and your Camera Roll.

Wondershare Panorama by Wondershare (Android) or Photosynth by Microsoft (iOS)

Many older smartphones lack a built-in panorama feature. Rather than stitching multiple photos together manually, Wondershare Panorama and Photosynth allow you to sweep a field of view and creates a panorama for you to view instantly.

Photosynth offers unique "full sphere" panoramas. This means you can pan up and down as well as side to side to create as comprehensive a view as you would like.

Diptic by Peak Systems (iOS)

Create quick photo collages with Diptic. Choose from 165 photo layouts for you to stitch your pictures together. Make quick adjustments, add captions and filters, and add borders.

Diptic offers some of the most comprehensive border controls of any photography app. Thickness, color and placement are all in your control. Diptic even allows for rounded edges. It also allows you to fill frames with a solid color to further customize your photo arrangement.

Fast Burst Camera by Spritefish (Android) or Fast Camera by i4software (iOS)

These two apps are excellent tools for not missing a beat. Both can take 30 high-resolution photos per second. They can be set to start shooting from the moment you open the app. Choose from continuous photos or a short burst and choose the best shots from the bunch.

Both apps feature optional manual controls, including flash, focus and zoom. The iOS app also allows you to adjust white balance and exposure, as well as including an optional "Stealth Mode" that silences the shutter sound and makes the screen go blank while it's in action.

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