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Alleged Showbiz Love Affairs Part 1: Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador

A series of events has led to a conclusion that there is something romantic going on between Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson. But even with the constant denial of both parties; several events and photos confirmed their relationship going formal but left closed to the public.

Since the last quarter of 2012, Gerald and Maja’s alleged relationship has been talked about in several showbiz talk shows. The first time they were seen together was during the holidays at the Misibis Bay Resort Hotel, located at this so-called Cagraray which part of Albay province and this seemed to have started the rumor.

Maja, a lead star of ABS-CBN’s “Ina Kapatid Anak” said that Gerald who was gossiped a heartbreaker and playboy was for her a gentleman. She then added that Gerald has made her feel so special in standing by her side always through thick and thin in all these months.

Last February, the rumored couple was reported to have spent the heart’s day together in Tagaytay.

When speculations came out, Maja posted an aerial view not of Antonio’s Garden but of a beautiful location taken from a helicopter. Some said that they spent the Valentines at Antonio’s, a high end restaurant located in Tagaytay and later, was also confirmed through a photo inside the establishment.

Though still denying of the true state of their relationship, pictures proved that they were together celebrating Gerald’s birthday last March 7 and obviously, it was showing their unusual closeness not that of friends or companions, as they describe their bond.

While Maja is happy to have Gerald, Kim Chiu, on the other hand, has spoken her piece regarding the alleged relationship. Kim Chiu is Maja’s co-lead star in the current ABS-CBN primetime series and apparently, Gerald’s previous relationship.

She said in an interview that though she is happy for both of them, but she is also sad that a friendship has been put to waste. This friendship she pertained to was between her and Maja. Kim also added that she can work professionally with Maja despite what have happened recently.

Kim expressed that she feels alright as of now and there’s nothing that is holding her back from that on and off cam romance with Gerald.

Indeed, evidences cannot deny what is happening. But until the couple would not freely divulge their present status, we are left with doubts and uncertainties regarding this controversial show biz relationship which Maja and Gerald now shares.

Image taken from the Philippine Entertainment Portal Website

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