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What Your Facebook Cover Photo Says About You

Facebook Cover
People love to upload pictures to Facebook. Recently, with the commencement of Facebook Timeline, users began to have the opportunity to use a cover photo as well. What does this cover photo say about you?

Your Level of Privacy

If you are not already aware, your cover photo is generally visible to all users on Facebook. Unlike your profile picture, you cannot make the cover photo go blank. Therefore, your photo tells people what your ideal level of privacy is. For example, if you have a picture of you, then you are clearly okay with strangers seeing what you look like. However, many people choose to put up a picture of a favorite snack or past-time, which indicates that they want to maintain a higher level of privacy.

Your Interests

Regardless of whether it's a photo of you or something that you enjoy, your cover photo gives a bit of a peek into your life. For example, if your photo is a picture of a tennis racquet, then you are clearly interested in this sport. On the other hand, a picture of you and your closest friends suggests that these are amongst the most important people in your life.

What's Important to You

Individuals generally select a cover photo that has a lot of importance to them. A woman might put up a picture of her and her husband's wedding bands to indicate that this has been the greatest moment in her life so far. Others, perhaps those who are established in the field of the culinary arts, will post a photo of a delicious dish of food that they recently made. Whatever the case may be, your photo absolutely shows people what is important to you.

Your Photo Taking Abilities

Generally, people use pictures that they have taken with their own digital camera for their cover photo. You always want to be careful about copyright laws if you are taking another individual's picture to use. Therefore, people who are looking at your page will get a sense of how strong your photography skills are. Why is this so important? Well, for people who are looking for a career in photography, your cover photo can be one of the many ways you advertise yourself. For other individuals, this component is not quite as important.

For Your Friends

People with whom you are friends on Facebook can see both your cover photo and profile picture. By looking at both of these photos in tandem, your friends will likely get a better sense of who you really are. If your cover photo is a picture of the word "Mother" and your Facebook picture is of you and your children, then your friends will know this is how you define yourself at this stage in your life.

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