Candy Crush and The Social Games Phenomenon

candy crush

Are you familiar with social games? If you’re still wondering what those games are, just log in to your Facebook account and see the games there. Those are just some of the types of social games all of us are “enjoying”. One popular social game now, is none other than Candy Crush Saga.

And apparently the developer of the candy puzzle game is up to something bigger. In a report by, “A Candy Crush Saga IPO could be in the offing as its maker King is lining up banks to put together a U.S. initial public offering, according to The Wall Street Journal.” It would seem that game developer King is really raking in the success of its various social games.

Going into detail with social gaming, Candy Crush is just one of the many games that are becoming virally popular in social media circles and even on mobile gadgets. In the general sense, social games are any games that require players to ask for direct or indirect involvement from other human players in order to progress within the game. Other examples of social games include Words with Friends, foxybingo, and the all new Plants vs Zombies Adventures. There are, however, slight differences to these aforementioned games.

Words with Friends, is a multiplayer social game requiring you and the other players to have the app in your smartphone or mobile, or to be simultaneously online over at Facebook. The game foxybingo, has its own community site that you need to have an account to play. It then lets you play real money bingo and other casino games with the opportunity of chatting with co-players. As for games like Plants vs Zombies adventures, they follow the format of Zynga games Farmville and CityVille. You build your town and go on adventures all in one player mode. Social gaming applies when the game requires you to ask friends for help in accessing the next levels of the game.

Returning to Candy Crush Saga, “(the game) is presently the #1 game on Facebook and the 2nd-most popular free game available on Apple Inc.’s App Store,” details. Whether or not having a public offering for the game would be successful is a different argument altogether. Maybe they should study first how Zynga did it.

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