4 Mini Video Cameras that can make you Feel like a Real Spy

Everyone loves a good action movie, and there is nothing better than the cool spy gadgets the main character gets to use to stay under the radar. While many people only dream of using these cool spy-gear devices, others have found that the technology exists, and not too far off from the movies. If you or your child is highly intrigued by spy gear and mini security cameras, a mini video camera may be the perfect gift to help them feel like a real spy.

Finger-Sized Camcorder

A miniature camcorder is one of the coolest gadgets spies in the movies ever carry. This real-life technology can be both fun, and useful for security purposes. A finger-sized video camera is easy to carry around, allowing you to film and capture audio and video very inconspicuously. These mini video camera devices also often come equipped with adjustable lenses allowing you to pivot the view finder at any number of angles, and allowing you to film events or people without being noticed. The viewing screens on these devices now make it easier to play-back footage, while conserving the battery life of the camera itself. With the ability to add a timer to the camera, or turn on motion-sensing features, you or your child will feel even more stealthy and spy-like as they capture video at specific times and locations.

Mini Snake Camera

A miniature snake camera is pretty similar to what it sounds like. The device is often attached to a bendable wire, giving the lens a 360 degree range. These bendable mini cameras can be hidden easily, or even attached to the individual who is filming. The wires can be tucked away discreetly giving the wearer the feeling that they are just like a real spy or a spy in all of the famous movies. The miniature snake camera is often quite affordable and offers features like high resolution video and the option of recording in color with audio capturing. This camera is a favorite of the want-to-be spy, and can also be very helpful in capturing audio and video for security purposes.

Miniature Night Vision Camera

What can be more fun to a spy-in-training than capturing video using a night vision camera? These devices are often used as security cameras, and can be mounted to a structure like a home, fence, mailbox, or other solid fixture. The built-in sensors automatically select light settings that are optimum for filming in dark areas. Not only will you feel like a real spy as you watch back the footage that was captured over night, but the videos may come in handy if real crimes or suspicious activities took place in the area the camera captured.

Mountable Mini Cam

A mountable miniature camera is a very useful device that can be used in a number of places. From mounting them in your car to putting them in your home, these easy to use cameras are often chosen for their quality recording abilities and their affordable costs. Some mountable mini cams can be purchased for less than 50 dollars, and give you the ability to record at the touch of the button. Whether you child wants to pretend to be a spy, or you need an affordable option for securing your vehicle, these security cameras serve a number of both practical and fun purposes.

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