Maintaining Your Automobile

man fixing his vehicle

Every automobile should be equipped with the proper lights as mandated by law. First and foremost, lights are used for road safety. Proper light bulbs should provide sufficient illumination on the road as dictated by the department of motor vehicle in each state of the United States. For example, headlights at high beam should illuminate the road for at least several hundred feet in dark conditions. For safety reasons, all of the lights of a car need to be regularly checked and replaced when not working properly. For example, one single burnt headlight can cause dangerous situations by making the other headlight appear as it the turn signal is on.

Tail lights and license plate lights should also be working properly for safety reasons. When braking or parking, the lights in the rear of a vehicle should emit a mandatory illumination that goes through amber colored housings. Improper brake lights can send the wrong messages on the road and lead to some serious accidents and other unpleasant traffic situations.

Drivers should replace the headlights of their vehicles every few years. It is easy to shop for High Intensity Discharge, Halogen and Xenon headlights that are available at online auto shops. When selecting light bulbs for headlights, it is important to understand the different wattage ratings. A headlight that is too powerful for a vehicle can burn out some of the electrical fuses under the hood. Modern headlights are also available in a variety of color temperatures such as deep blue.

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