Deniece Cornejo Meme

Vhong Navarro’s recent misfortune has been trending as of late. Along with this, formerly under the radar model, Deniece Milinette Cornejo has also gained notoriety. It’s nasty business, with either side telling a different story. On one end, we hear of the girl inviting the boy over to her place at 11pm. On another, we hear of how the girl was s**ually assaulted prompting her guy friends to pounce and defend her supposedly purloined dignity.

Since this news has erupted, people have voiced out different opinions, majority of which tend to lean on Navarro’s side. What is most amusing however is how netizens have chosen to react. Apart from choice words, several memes have popped out online, ranging from laugh out loud funny to roll all over the floor hilarious.

First off, there is a photo of Deniece before and after getting obvious facial ‘improvements’. The humor doesn’t stop from there however, as soon, another meme featuring Liam Neeson’s now iconic call from the hit movie ‘Taken’ – ‘I will find you and I will kill you’ hits online. Then there’s another with Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador who appear to be incensed at Cornejo. But what seems to really top it all are three more memes - one with Pacquiao, another with a WWE wrestler (sorry wrestling fans for not knowing his name) and still another with the drunk guy from the news who orders bulalo from a bakery.

The law system being what it is, this legal hullaballoo of he said, she said will last for months so why not get a few laughs out of the whole thing? It’s genius, I say! If you can’t insult someone enough – make a meme and laugh. Ha.

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