6 Effective Ways To Reward Your Employees

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Rewarding your employees is an effective way of letting them know they are appreciated, giving them the incentive to work harder and increase productivity within your company. Some employers use cash incentives, especially at the end of each year with a boost to the wage packet. While this is something most employees wouldn’t turn down, there are more creative ways you can show your appreciation. 

We have already considered how you can keep your workforce engaged, and the occasional reward is another way to keep them on your side. To help you, here are some great reward ideas you might consider implementing into your workplace. 

Monthly award ceremonies 

Healthy competition is effective within teams, and a monthly award ceremony can be a fun way to show appreciation. Be sure to offer fairness amongst all employees, and mix up serious awards such as ‘best sales’ with informal ones, such as ‘best dressed’ or ‘most positive attitude.’ 

Go here for all your online trophy needs, and choose the shapes and designs that suit the roles within your company. You don’t need to break the bank, as trophies can be returned each month and given to the next ‘winner’ to take home or placed on their desk at work. 

Work from home days 

With modern technology, such as cloud software and Skype, there is no need to work in the office every day. Let your team spend some of the working week at home, giving them extra time in bed when missing the daily commute, and allowing them the comforts that being at home can offer. The workload doesn’t have to suffer as you can still communicate and collaborate, and the relaxed environment may even boost productivity. 

Gift cards 

You may not have the means to raise salaries on a regular basis, but a gift card is a worthy and more personal alternative to handing out cash incentives. Consider the hobbies individuals on your team have and give out relevant gift cards, as well as vouchers from their favorite retailers. 

Gym memberships 

Okay, so not everybody will take advantage of the health benefits you are offering, but you can still give them the option. Some will greatly appreciate the opportunity to get active, and it will also boost their performance at work when they feel energized. 

Buy your team lunch 

Food is always a good way to make somebody feel happy, so going out with your team for lunch once a week will be more appetizing than the limp sandwiches they normally consume. Take turns choosing where to go, ensuring all tastes are catered for. Of course, if you are spending your cash reserves on the meal, you need to ensure your team doesn't break the bank with their food venue choices. 

The gift of time 

Our weekends are too short, while the working week can seem to go on forever. Therefore, allowing your team to go home early every so often, or rewarding hard-working team members with an extra day off occasionally, will allow them to spend more time doing the things they enjoy away from work.

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  1. Agree with the ways of rewarding the employees. I am having small business and I too often reward my employees when they do something good for our business. Also, we have bought name badges products for the employees for better internal communication. This also helps to improve communication with customers.


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