Amped Up: Watt Could Go Wrong With Electric Cars

Electric cars have gotten a lot of people very excited over the last few years. Companies have come leaps and bounds to find new ways to move people around. Of course, along with electric vehicles, normal cars are still being made. Why is this, though? They’re almost as cheap as regular cars. And they don’t cost as much to fuel. Their environmental impact alone is worth considering, too, as they produce no emissions. These cars, despite their good side, are still far from perfect, unfortunately. To help you to see this, this post will be going through three of the issues you could face buying into this emerging market. 

Powering a car with electricity alone is a great step towards making transport entirely renewable. Instead of the car producing emissions while being made and while on the road, electric vehicles only cause emissions when they’re made. But, at the cost of this, their fuel can be very hard to find. In a lot of places, there simply won’t be power. So, if you break down, you won’t have a way to refuel at all. Though, even when you have fuel, it might not serve you well. The lithium batteries inside electric cars discharge much faster in cold conditions. During winter, you won’t get the same mileage out of your car as you would in summer. With the fuel for these cars being hard to find, this could cause you some real issues. Of course, though, this will depend on where you are. 

When you take your car to a garage, the mechanic that works on it will often have well over twenty years experience with cars. This will give them the ability to look at a car and come up with a prognosis for its repair without having to consult a manual. When you bring a completely new technology into the mix, though, you can’t rely on this sort of experience. Instead, you have to look for a specialist auto repair store to help you. If you ever have issues with the car and parts need to be replaced, you could run into more issues. Most modern car parts can be found on eBay for a heavily reduced cost. But, it will take a long time for sellers to catch up to new tech in cars.

Finally, you have to think about reselling the car. When people buy second-hand electronics, they will often ask how good the battery is. If the battery is bad, the value of the product is dramatically affected. The same concerns will be felt by people trying to buy electric cars second-hand, too. The batteries for these cars are very expensive. So, this sort of repair is a bad one to have to make before a sale. Of course, you do have the benefit of selling an item which is gaining popularity, though. This could balance it out for you. 

Electric cars are far from bad. In fact, they are almost certainly the way forward in the transport industry. At the moment, though, like any emerging technology, choosing to buy one could leave you feeling disappointed. It could be better to wait just a couple more years.

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