Plug In Baby: The Benefits Of An Electric Car

If you're a petrolhead, you might be a bit miffed about the appearance of electric cars. Firstly, there's no feel - secondly, there's no noise. Two things we like about petrol cars are the feel and the roaring rev of an engine. That doesn't happen with most electric cars unless they make an effort to emulate the sound. Electric cars? They might not be real cars. Not to you. But hey - look. Car's aren't good for the environment, and while the majority of drivers are responsible, there are a few who push their cars - and thus the environment - too hard for the sake of getting from A to B. Even with that, the amount of fumes stemming from responsible drivers is just as bad. There's not much we can do to stop our beloved cars from poisoning the Earth. Except stop driving them, but that's not going to happen. 

What this means is that tariffs, taxes, and charges are going to rise on cars powered by fossil fuels. Driving petrol is going to become more costly - and you know, oil isn't going to last forever. We need to start coming around to the ideas of electric cars, and what better way than looking at the benefits? 

While charges rise for petrol cars, right now it seems there are a few Government granted benefits to owning an electric car. There are certainly parking benefits, as spaces next to plugs are granted to electric car owners - but there are also tax exemptions. Certainly, over in the UK you can get tax credits for plug-in vehicles and as the push to them becomes greater, the rest of the world might follow suite. 

As for repairs? Electric cars seem to be reliable. Auto-repair is always going to be a necessity and that won't ever change - but it's likely that an electric car will have less issue than a petrol motor simply because there are less moving parts. It's likely that your car will spend less time in the shop if it's powered by a battery. 

It might also futureproof your car. Self-driving vehicles are coming and an electric car will give you the possibility of fitting auto-pilot aftermarket options as an electric car is very similar to the workings of robotics.

There are some excellent electric car models as well - like the Tesla Model X. However this comes at the cost of limited choice - which does mean higher prices. In the long run, this is ok - as electric cars are cheaper to run. 

One of the biggest benefits? The fact you'll never to need to head to a gas station again. You can refuel your car's battery from home. Of course, this means limited range - but who else can enjoy the luxury of a full tank every morning? Not many people at all, that's a guarantee! 

You are right to have your reservations about an electric car - they aren’t perfect just yet! But that doesn’t mean that they are not a rewarding drive - or an excellent car to own.

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