An Owner's Guide To Maintaining The Perfect Home

Whether you bought your home last week or last year, you know that sooner or later that “new house” feel is going to fade. It’s frustrating, of course, because you’re desperate to hold onto that fresh and welcoming glow of your brand new home. Whilst nothing lasts forever, you don’t need to be lazy when it comes to maintaining your house. There are ways to keep your house looking shiny and new if you put in a little bit of effort on a regular basis. This owner’s guide to maintaining the perfect home might just give you the inspiration to get to work. 

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Keep it clean. 

This is self-explanatory. You want to avoid clutter and keep things minimal in the household so as to make cleaning easier for yourself, but you do still need to clean on a regular basis if you want to maintain that “new house” feeling. A good rule of thumb is to clean as you go so as to avoid big clean ups every few months once the house looks like a tip. You’d be amazed how much better things look if you just cleaned a room before you left it. 

Know your limits. 

Of course, it’s important that you don’t push beyond your area of expertise or comfort when it comes to maintaining your home. DIY won’t always cut it when there are more serious problems around the home outside of your knowledge area. You might want to look into getting a house warranty so that elements of wear and tear around your household such as leaky faucets or electrical problems are financially covered for the day that the inevitable happens. The point is that it’s important not tackle any jobs that aren’t actually DIY tasks; if you feel that something is out of your experience level or YouTube tutorials don’t help you then it’s always better not to make the situation worse by working on it alone. 


Don’t forget the garden. 

Your house has to remain pretty from the exterior if you want to keep up those good first impressions both for yourself and any potential invited guests to your home. That beautiful exterior all starts with the garden. Within the first few weeks of moving in, this outdoor area will have grown wild and untamed if left untouched. Perhaps you mow the lawn every so often, but you wouldn’t consider yourself a “green-fingered” garden fanatic. 

It might be time for a different mindset. You need to approach your garden not as a nature enthusiast but as a home enthusiast. This outdoor space is part of your property, and that means it’s essentially an outdoor room. It’s the forgotten room of your house. Think of renovating your garden like renovating a room in your house. Start by creating a blank canvas on which to work by mowing the lawn, de-weeding, and fixing any competing flowers in the flowerbed; you don’t want a violently competing patch of land. 

Once you’ve done all the boring nature-based stuff, you can start to enjoy your garden. Maintaining it will only require the occasional bit of mowing and de-weeding now and then, but you could create a beautiful patio area with comfortable seating and a dining table for summer barbeques. You want to turn this into a nice environment in which to relax, and that can be your incentive to keep the garden well-maintained.

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