Jay-z: New York Street Born Rapper

From the dark streets of New York, Shawn Corey Carte aka Jay-Z rose from the independent music rap music industry to the main stream back in 1996. The street rapper turned professional recording artist was never discouraged to pursue his dream despite the fact that he was raised only by his mother soon after his father left. He started his career in the alleys of the Big Apple together with his friends, but before that, he was involved in drug-peddling and street gang activities.

He treated each of his projects in a different manner and said that the best style is not really a style. Jay-z just went on by saying that he takes the form of water; in short, he takes any shape, takes any style as long as it suits his genre. This explains why his albums hit the billboard several times.

Gloria, Jay-Z’s mom revealed that her son’s interest on rap came out when she bought a boom-box as a birthday present. Clark Kent, a producer, helped launch Jay-Z’s career into the mainstream industry as a member of the Roca-A-Fella in 1996 together with Dame and Kareem “Biggs” Burke.

Reasonable Doubt, the debut album with an independent sound made it to the 23rd spot in the Billboard charts, was acknowledged as one of the undeniably best of the hip-hop works. On his live performances, Jay-z was excellent in his free flow of ideas paired with a witty wordplay.

No doubt, perseverance and great talent made a New York street born rapper into a star. Jay-z then decided to retire after spending 13 fruitful years in the industry and after producing 16 record labels.

Photo taken from the FACT Mag

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