Larry Martin - Pinoy Biggest Loser's Life-Changing Experience

Ex-policeman Larry Martin's motivation in joining Pinoy Biggest Loser reality show was mainly to get back to the service. But he acquired more than what he had expected. He wins the vie for the title by losing 101 lbs. from his weight of 255 pounds. Aside from that, he has gained self-confidence, got hold of new ways to live a healthier life and above all, he sees life now in a different way- a more positive look.

The 125 days coupled with life-changing experiences inside the camp made him and his other companions view life in a better way- away from the hurting judgments of the society who used to name them as pigs, abnormal, jumbo, and the like. But more than the hurt that they once felt, they wanted to avail of a longer life as it is an open truth that obesity lessens the life span of a person. As they get through the challenges, it is as if the Filipino audience also journeyed with them.

Some even attested the show's lasting impact as some overweight individuals were inspired to take the challenge of cutting down their weight. As with Larry, he was forced to leave the police profession when he did not comply the 34'' waistline requirement by the Philippine National Police (PNP). He was truly determined on his stay at the camp and was one of those who succumbed the hardest of challenges.Larry Martin left the camp with 155 lbs.

The Camarines Sur grown Larry went home and continued an intense weight-loss training which contributed to his victory during the final night last Saturday, October 8, 2011 the Ynares Stadium, Pasig City. The self-training had no cameras, no more weigh-ins, no more deadlines and he was on his own and the temptation was all over. But after losing weight, Larry is now being offered by the police force to get back into the service.
It is not only Larry's life was changed by the show but also the lives of the many who hopes to have a healthy lifestyle. He was joined by the Fab 5: successful businessman Art Mendoza, camp-grown love team Hazel Chua and Raffy Tan, and house wife Angela Lupangco for the weigh-in. Though they did not win the title, the individuals who joined the reality show, considered themselves as winners of a longer and healthier life.

Photo taken from the Jull Bar Website

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