Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo's Wedding, All Set?

After the waves of struggle and tribulation, Hayden Kho and celebrity doctor Vicky Belo finally announces some details of their wedding set next year in America.

In retrospect, Hayden had been confronted by his sex scandal issue last 2009 which put him in hot water when actress Katrina Halili filed a case against him. The scenario even went worst when his license as a doctor was revoked by the Professional Regulations Commission.

The most recent of problems encountered by the controversial couple was the Quark Henares, Vicky's son from business ex-husband Atom Henares, uttered his disapproval on the engagement. He also posed a threat to Hayden if ever he causes hurt again to his mother and this attests his love for a mother. But gladly, before Quark left for further study to the States, all went well and fixed. Hayden also understood why Quark has said such statements.

But as they say, after the heavy storms like Pedring and Quiel, a rainbow appears. Finally, the couple reveals their wedding details. After Hayden proposed to Vicky last December 2010 and had it publicly exposed July 2011, plans have been cast and in fact Vicky with Hayden has already picked three gowns: one from Monique Lhuillier, another from Givenchy and the other from Valentino.

Hayden said that if Vicky would like to be wed using those three gowns on three separate ceremonies, he wants to be the only groom for the three weddings. On the other hand, it seems that the three gowns were still not yet the final choice, Hayden reveals that he would buy Vicky's gown and on that same interview, Vicky said she would take charge of the entourage gowns.

On the details, the couple wants a more private and silent wedding ceremony with only the intimate few present who will become witnesses as they tie the knot. Hayden and Vicky wants the ceremony to take place preferably on a mountain or hilltop setting. As with the date, they are still undecided but promises to make the public know the details of the upcoming wedding.

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