Garage del Parco, Continuing the Business Legacy and its Values

Parents through the ages have made it a must to leave a legacy to their children. Some hand down their wealth, money, fame and position in the society. To some it could be quality education, as the best inheritance for parents to pass on to their children. But more than the education, like any parent, Aldo Antonio wanted to pass on to his next generation, the business values of efficiency, competence and meticulousness in providing quality service to the customers of his simple car repair and selling shop way back in the 1960s in Milan, Italy.

A son who was entitled to a birthright never ignored the legacy and took on the challenge of continuing the legacy. He also went on a car selling and service enterprise. Alexander was next on the line and since his younger years, he already had in his mind that he would soon continue his father's business, but in his own way.

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Because of the exposure to the business, he grew a passion for the cars. But before he modified the old workshop of his father, Alexander already had the love for the car dealership business. This led him to pursue an innovation and thus, came into being as an online dealership site of used cars Milan (auto usate milano) which carried the same business values his father practiced in his old business, still in line with cars.

The site features used cars for sale (vendita auto usate) which are guaranteed to be in good condition. Interested buyers can go to the garage and inspect the car if ever it has a damage. The company practices complete transparency with regards to the transactions made between the buyer and vendor.

Worry not for the car's efficiency. The product has been fully checked and it is as good as new. The machine was given great priority as to the conditioning of the vehicle. Also, we dwell on the principle that the real soul of the car is on the inside, not the outside appearance. This justifies the reason why you should not have hesitate to buy used cars (compro auto usate).  

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