Apl.de.Ap of Black Eyed Peas Tires Not to Give Back

Apl de Ap, Black Eyed Peas

Filipino American singer Allan Pineda aka Apl.de.Ap promotes “We Can Be Anything” educational campaign. Later this month, Allan will be joined by co-hip hop artists of the Black Eyed Peas band for the grand launch of the project which aims to address the problem of classroom shortage in the country.

In line with this, Allan wrote a song entitled “We Can Be Anything” and it expresses his support to empower today’s Filipino young people, and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. He wants to share the word that any young person can achieve even the most impossible of their dreams and one sure way to attain a dream is to acquire a formal education. The song’s MTV is already shown on MYX.

Proof to this, the Pampanga-grown artist confesses his genuine love for the Filipino youth as he made mention of donating a music room and a computer room in his hometown’s public high school. Allan also advocates on raising the academic prowess of students in the Philippines. With regards to the high dropout rates in the most schools as of the present, most especially for the Aeta children in his home province, he also has in mind several project ideas to be materialized in order to address the problems.

He also stressed on his willing support to any project that would help uplift the educational system and the Filipino youth, as a whole. Allan does not tire to look back where he came from and he is eager to extend a hand, as he shares his talent and time.

Aside from these, the Grammy Award winning band member also has his own projects such as scholarship programs for the poor but deserving students.

Mini-concerts will soon be held by the international artist to help generate funds to be used in building public school classrooms and learning centers. The education-oriented campaign is a joint project of the Apl.de.Ap Foundation and the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation.

Allan Pineda Lindo Jr. indeed loves his home, the Philippines though America gave him all: the fame, the money and the luxury. In spite of his great success, he does not forget to take a look back where he came from. He has a big heart for the Filipino youth and he believes in the power of the “Noypi” youngsters being as one of those proofs of it.

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