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5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners

Starting your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do in your life. This career path will open you up to a vast amount of opportunities that other people only dream about. Having a small business means you get to set your own hours, be your own boss and reap your own financial rewards. And with the increasing quality of technology on devices like your mobile telephone and tablet, starting a business has become even more enjoyable. Here are five fantastic apps to help small business owners run their operations more smoothly and more efficiently.


Evernote is one of the top applications available on mobile devices. This app is great for everyone, from students at university to entrepreneurs starting a new business. Evernote allows users to categorize notes into folders and organize information that is pertinent to their business. Whether you need to remember information from a meeting, or a certain client's name, Evernote is a great tool to implement into your small business.


If you are utilizing social media for your small business (and you should be), than Hootsuite is a wonderful app to help you manage all of your social media accounts. You can post status updates, pictures, information and more, all with the convenience of one application. Furthermore, you can grant permissions to certain members of your small business, so they too can change information on your business' social media pages.


It's amazing that just a decade or so ago, calling outside of your home city or country was almost unimaginable due to the high costs of placing international phone calls. However, now applications and technology allows us to make phone calls anywhere in the world with crystal clear quality for free. Furthermore, applications like Skype even allow us to make video calls where we can visually see the person on the other end. Skype is a must have for managing and keeping contact with clients and merchants. And with Skype capabilities on phones and computers, you can use the application no matter where you are.

PDF Forms

Small businesses are going to need to read and sign a lot of forms. Because of this, it's pertinent to have a PDF reader and signer on your mobile device, as this will cut down on time that it takes to print, sign and scan documents back to the sender. PDF Forms is the perfect software to access and view PDF documents on your mobile device. And unlike other PDF files, you can easily fill out forms and sign documents right from inside the app.


The last app to make this list of 'must-haves' for a startup business is perfect for managing your money. QuickBooks will keep track of the money your business makes and the money your business spends. Best yet, QuickBooks will also take looks into ways that your business can save money by cutting down on certain expenses and costs. This app is worth the cost, as it will certainly be worth it when paying taxes at the end of the year for your business.


Starting a small business has never been easier. Unlike ever before, small business owners can access and control every element of their business from the palm of their hand on their mobile device. For an extra element in your business arsenal visit Virtual Office Chicago to find out how they can the traditional tools of a big business at a fraction of the cost. This makes it extremely convenient and easy to run your business, while also enjoying your life outside of work. Utilize these five apps in this article and you will make the best of your small business.

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