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Kelly Clarkson’s Twitter Sneak Peek

The stars have truly aligned for Kelly Clarkson. The AI alum who is set to marry on October 20 of this year recently posted a photo of herself in her bridal gown on Twitter. In the photo the songstress is reading a book, sans make-up, with soft tresses and barefoot. Her hair is coifed in soft curls around a dainty tiara and her immaculately white gown features a sweetheart neck and spaghetti strap. The skirt is fluffed that she almost looks like a Disney Princess.

And what a princess she must totally feel like right now. “Ok, just saw my engagement shoot pics & I have to share one!!! ? Thanks @kobyb and @TerilynBrown! Ready to #TieItUp!” Clarkson exuberantly tweeted.

Apart from her upcoming wedding, Clarkson also has the recent release of her album to be thankful for. Her single, ‘Tie It Up’, a song about getting hitched, has been getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The cover art is also bridal inspired as it features her in a very different gown – high necked and lacy with soft curls and big transparent veil.

Clarkson is set to marry music manager Brandon Blackstock in Nashville. The Fort Worth native relocated in Nashville in 2011 when she started dating her now fiancée. Fans are in arms and in full support of the relationship which has placed Clarkson into an undeniable glow. Will the gown from the picture be the one she wears when she walks down the aisle? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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