Which Laptop Should I Buy? The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

If you have been looking at purchasing a new laptop recently then there are probably a lot of questions running through your mind; the main one being “Which laptop should I buy?” The market is completely saturated with dozens of brands, new processors, operating systems and fancy gimmicks. How do you know which laptop is right for you? Our ultimate buyer’s guide should make it all clear.

What is it for?

Before you start making any decisions on which laptop to buy, you should work out exactly what you are going to be using it for. This will play a big part in your final decision, so it's important to consider all angles. Here are some of the most common uses for a laptop, tick off as appropriate:
  • Casual Browsing - Checking your Facebook and Twitter, reading emails, perhaps even doing some online shopping. Requires a basic laptop.

  • Work - Spreadsheets, word documents, data apps and the casual browsing all tied into one. Requires a fairly powerful laptop.

  • Gaming - It is important to work out if you are going to be using your laptop for games, as this will make a big difference in which model to go for. Requires an extremely powerful laptop.

  • Multimedia - Watching films and TV programmes, uploading photos and perhaps even some editing. Requires a fairly powerful laptop.
  • Family Friendly - A combination of casual browsing, some multimedia and children’s games. Requires a basic laptop.
When you've decided exactly what you want to use your laptop for, it will then be easier to make a more informed choice.

The Techy Stuff

You should now know whether you are looking for a basic laptop, something fairly powerful or a laptop that is extremely powerful. So, how do you know which is the most basic and which is the ultimate gaming machine? You need to be looking through the specification of your chosen laptop, to decide which one will be up to your chosen tasks. You’ll find that most basic laptops are obviously basic, as they will be cheap, cheerful and have very limited capabilities. If you’re looking for something more tech savvy then you may be looking at something like an Insight i7 laptop that comes with the latest processor from Intel. Whichever website you are using to look at laptops, see if they have a ‘compare’ button. What this will do is let you pick several laptops to put next to each other, so you can see the differences in their processor, RAM, HDD, graphics card and more.

Making the Final Decision

So, you know what your laptop is going to be used for, and you've compared all of the specifications to find out which will be the best for those tasks. It may be that you now have several laptops that are at the top of your wishlist; how do you choose between them? There are some other deciding factors, which although not necessary, could help you make your mind up. First up, there’s the aesthetics of the laptop. What does it look like? Would you be happy to carry it around with you and show it off? Secondly, the reviews of the laptop. What have other people said about it? Has it got poor reviews for some reason? Thirdly, and most importantly, your budget. Can you afford that Apple Air or will you end up in a whole load of debt?

Choosing a new laptop doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you go into the process with some key factors in mind; decide what it’s used for, compare the differences and use your final deciding factors to make that choice.

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