Mobile Manifestation

Successful people often tout the benefits of positive visualisation to help turn dreams into reality. In addition to taking time to put thoughts to paper, just sitting for a few moments each day to focus on desired outcomes can help plan the actions needed to get there. What is not so common is showing people how modern technology can help manifest many of the good things the heart desires. For instance, one's mobile phone can help organise thoughts and deeds, and also provide a handy place for dreams to be collected and reflected on.

Numerous studies have shown that energy affects outcomes. Even those who don't prescribe to such a notion would have a hard time refuting the fact that being positive just feels better, even if little comes from it other than focusing on the good in life. So why not turn your mobile phone into a tool to help harness positivity? Simply take or download photos that inspire and encourage and then set them up as live wallpaper. Save positive quotes and even consider installing a few free apps that offer encouragement on a regular basis. Use the phone to share positivity, too, through social media outlets. True it could also be used to gripe about traffic and the weather but why not use this technological wonder for good, instead? Send positivity out into the world and it will come back to you.

Make a Vision Board
Self-help gurus often mention creating vision boards so that even the darkest days can be lightened by seeing all the goals one aspires to. Big and bulky vision boards are great to refer to at home but it simply isn't convenient to take such items everywhere you go. Use mobile apps and websites to help keep a clear eye on life goals. There are plenty of free and low-cost programmes available for both iOS and Android platforms. Many allow photos and quotes to be added, as well as links to helpful sites. Search “vision board” in your mobile's app store to see if any suit. Websites like Pinterest are also great ways to visualise goals by collecting images and keeping them all in one place and within easy reach. Users can share their boards or keep them private if they prefer.

Build a Budget
Focusing positive energy towards goals helps keep eyes on the prize. However it's putting forth tangible effort that will help you reach the finish line. If it hasn't already been done, work up a budget and let your mobile help you keep track of expenses. In addition to many banks offering mobile apps, there are plenty of programmes to install that can help get finances in check. If more of a numbers person look for an app that's intuitive and user-friendly; whereas those who are more engaged by visual features should look for an app that turns equations into graphs and charts. No matter which is chosen, just make sure that the software is on that easily becomes something to use on a daily basis.

Mobile Work
Another great way to make dreams come true is to put in extra work. Thanks to smartphone technology it's now easier than ever to work whilst on the go. In addition to keeping up with emails, consider installing an office app that allows you to write business letters and create spreadsheets that can either be sent straight from the mobile, saved to be transferred to another computer or sent to a cloud shared by co-workers.

Mobiles and tablets are also the new notepads. True it may seem unnatural to skip the paper at first, but the ease and convenience of keeping all collected thoughts in one spot is unsurpassed. Plus the ability to share said-thoughts with the tough of a button is very handy indeed.

Visualising a better tomorrow today, plus putting in a bit of effort on a continual basis, will soon make the life you've dreamed of, reality. Making dreams come true is not so challenging after all—particularly when one uses all the terrific tools at one's disposal. Your mobiles is a small yet powerful way to help get the good things out of life.

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