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Wally Bayola's Back?

Wally Bayola

It’s been months since we’ve seen of Wally Bayola. He has chosen to keep mum and bear his ‘humiliation’ in silence. Since his scandal was publicized, he has dropped out of the famed noon-time show, ‘Eat Bulaga’ (temporarily, they say) and has stepped out of the public limelight. There has been silence from both the comedian and the show’s representatives except for the initial expression of support for the latter.

Now, reports are in that he is making a ‘soft’ comeback. Wally is slowly re-entering the entertainment biz, stage wise. Stalwart supporters of the shamed comedian will be disappointed however, because he has yet to return to his segment with Jose and Paolo on TV. He is back as a stand-up comedian at Zirkoh in Quezon City.

Filipinos truly have the shortest memories and the biggest of hearts. This early, a lot of people are clamoring for him to come back and reclaim his rightful place in the industry. So many seem to have forgotten, how a few months ago, his very public scandal with EB babes Yosh came out. Now, forgetful of the indiscretion, people are asking for his comeback to showbiz.

Will he though? That remains to be seen. Some skeptics are doubtful on how effective he remains and understandably so. Eat Bulaga is a wholesome noontime show, one which no clandestine performer should be a part of.

Am I being too tough? Do you think he should go back? Let’s just wait and see what happens in the next few months.

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