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Get With The Times

Though the past seems like a calmer, gentler time, there are still some major advantages to living right now. Modern medicine saves lives and modern technology helps families stay connected, no matter where all reside.  So with such wonders in communication why do many elderly people resist positive change? Some may subconsciously desire to control as much as they can when time begins to take a physical toll. Still, others who do make great efforts to keep up on current events and pop culture may still fight the notion of using some of the greatest benefits of modern technology. Why?

Perceived Lack of Need

Some hold-outs who avoid social media, smart phones and video conferencing may be unconvinced as to why they should be interested in such things. Their mobile works fine and they like writing letters, so what's the problem? It can also be frustrating having younger people telling them what to do. And young people really can be annoying when trying to convince parents and grandparents to get with it. Plus who wants to have to learn a bunch of new stuff later on in life? If trying to convince and older friend or family member to get on board with modern technology try appealing to whatever it is they're most interested in, whether it's keeping up with the grandchildren, being able to order rare gardening supplies online, or being able to save money. Most everyone could find some benefit so personalise the approach to something they find valuable, even if the mobile's all just a ruse to help them more connected to the family and safer.
Not Suitable for Needs

Some technological gadgets are geared for the elderly but many more are not. Even the marketing campaigns highlight young, hip consumers. Most smartphone touch screens could be very challenging for those with poor eyesight or trouble with arthritis. And if they don't use computers at all then the learning curve of a tiny handheld model will be that much more intimidating. To convince an elderly loved one to branch out with anything from laptops to tablets always remember not to start out with something loaded with too many bells and whistles. With computers look for big screens that are easy to read and with mobiles make sure the buttons are the biggest and easiest to manage.
Fear of Showing Weakness

It can be very unsettling for parents and grandparents to become the students, both for them and for the younger people trying to teach them. No one likes to show ignorance about something and if technology has been greatly avoided then these Johnny-come-latelys have their work cut out for them. To avoid friction it may be wise to hire a professional teacher or visit a salesperson to help go over each potential product. Stand back enough to give them room but also remain aware of the conversation to make sure unnecessary upgrades and fees aren't being tacked on.

Some may fight change because of they genuinely believe things were better back when they were young. Even those who have kind of jumped into the joy of change may still resist upgrading programmes, checking out a Tablet, etc. They went one step but they won't be taken anymore. The Candy Lover is a mobile user who refuses to give up that old candy bar mobile. Yes, it allows for making and answering calls, and has an alarm clock but no texting capabilities whatsoever.
At one time it must have seemed modern but it's hard to actually imagine such a thing. This mobile user may be particularly resistent to texting, with the thought of actual smartphone capabilities not even registering on the meter. If their old mobile works without fail it may not even be worth it to try and convince them to upgrade. However if they can be made to see the advantage of texting, Web browsing, etc. then a change might be successful. Still, it's good to consider if a change is really needed or it's more about “winning” an argument about technology. Remember that a smarter phone will also make for higher monthly bills—something many elderly users would most likely be concerned about.

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