Hot wheels for top UK soccer stars

Footballers are known for their moves on the pitch, their wives and girlfriends and questionable fashion sense.

But the thing that really sets them apart from the crowd is the staggering amount of money they earn for kicking a ball around.

Top-flight players attract an average salary of £2.3 million a year.

That’s close to 100 times the average British worker’s salary and more than you’d hope to win on the national lottery. Even the biggest winners in football betting haven’t come close to that figure.

How do footballers begin to dream about how to spend all that dough?

No more shopping at high street when you’ve got the readies for designer togs.

Why live in a pokey flat when you can splash out on a spacious penthouse?

And flying budget airline becomes a thing of the past when you have access to your own private plane.

But there’s one thing every self-respecting footballer has to put on his “must have” list and that’s a flashy car.

According to a study commissioned by luxury broker Oracle Finance, the most popular ride among Premier League footballers is the gas-guzzling, no nonsense, road-raging Range Rover.

A reliable car with plenty of space for all those sacks of cash, the classic Range Rover has been top dog with footballers for some time.

But former Manchester City player Stephen Ireland saw room for improvement and he pimped his black Range Rover with shocking pink trim. Shocking being the operative word.

His isn’t the only vehicular abomination by an attention-seeking footballer.

Earlier this year, Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari unveiled a $900,000, six-wheeled Mercedes Brabus as his latest run around.

And William Gallas, former Chelsea and Arsenal defender, was seen gadding around in a chrome-plated Mercedes. That’s right, his car was basically a massive, moving mirror. Talk about a vanity project!

Former Liverpool and Leeds forward El Hadji Diouf went one step further. He had his already ostentatious Cadillac Escalade dipped in gold.
Then there’s Mario Balotelli, who clearly wanted to keep a low profile when he invested in a sports car sprayed in desert camouflage. Sadly, the paint job had the opposite effect. Far from helping the sportsman blend into the background, the car may as well have been fitted with a neon sign reading: Balotelli is here. Perhaps that was the original intention after all . . .

For some players, one car is never enough.

Cristiano Ronaldo owns a beautiful Bugatti Veyron which would have set him back a staggering £1.7 million.

Maybe he keeps that one for best, because he also owns a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce.

It seems it’s important to have the right car for every occasion.

And, if you’re a footballer, that car must be the fastest, most expensive and coolest vehicle on the planet.

But here’s a message for all those flashy car-loving footballers out there. This is how you take a corner:

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