Thinking About Buying a New TV? Here's what you need to know

Buying a new Television is a big commitment. Why? Well, they depreciate as fast as cars and laptops. If you buy the latest model, then it will cost you a fair penny and finally, they are what all the furniture in your living room is pointed at. So they also have to look quite futuristic and appealing. Without further ado then, here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know when buying a new TV.

Smart TV

People used to think smart TVs would be the next big thing. But, unfortunately for suppliers they have not been that popular. Smart TVs are, in essence, quite similar to smartphones. They can do more than you would expect a tv to be able to do. For example, some have cameras so you can Skype. Others can be voice controlled. The problem with them? Well, think about it. When exactly would the average person use their television to Skype someone? Added abilities like voice control are impressive but good luck using it if you have a strong accent. The positives are that smart tvs are connected online so you can watch Netflix and Youtube videos with ease. If you are a tech buff or stream videos frequently a smart tv may be the right choice for you. Prices vary but the top models can now be bought at around £700

Different Screens and Sizes

Does size matter? When it comes to television screens it arguably does, yes. So what size should you be looking for? Well, if you are buying a normal 1080p HD TV for your living room you want one about 42 inches. I would not recommend going any bigger than 65 inches. If you go any bigger then you will find most images displayed will not look like they are high definition. The reason for this is that high definition can only stretch so far. Otherwise, you need more advanced equipment that your standard HD tv does not have. For example, SKY channels only transmit at 1080i. You will not get an HD quality picture on a bigger screen. Also, if you are thinking about installing Sky or Cable on your new tv consider using a company like Rf digital.


The less said about 3D, the better to be honest. You are too late in the game to buy a 3D tv. 3D is going to be slowly phased out the market now. It is no longer the latest tech. Only a few films (Gravity, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avatar, Avengers) offer incredible quality. However, if you do have your heart set on a 3D tv, then they are fairly cheap now ranging between £400 and £500.

4K & 8K

If you want to look towards the future then look no further. 4K tv’s are the latest tech on the market and 8K is apparently the next step. What are they? They are marketed as Ultra HD and they have one very big problem. Scientists say it is impossible for the naked eye to see the effect of Ultra HD unless the screen is a hundred inches in diameter. If it is smaller you have to sit closer to your TV. For an 80 inch tv you can be no more than six feet away from your screen which is ridiculous for a TV that will cost around £3000. Also, like 3D when it first arrived there is very little native 4K film material.

So which Type should you buy? Well, I am currently opting for a wait and see approach but it is your choice. It is suspected there is something big on the horizon for home entertainment technology. It may be marketed as early as 2016.

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