What are the Best Free Games of 2015?

It’s often hard to find the best free games when there are so many to play. So, here’s your guide to this year’s best so far.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

With a name like that, who could resist having a go at this fantastic game? It’s not just a great name though (although it is a great name!) the game play is also addictive and challenging. You play the game as a sausage dog that is very stretchy and capable of extending over huge distances.

The sausage dog has to move about and avoid the many deadly challenges you face. It might sound easy, but, believe me, it’s not. It’s the kind of game that will frustrate you but keep you coming back for more!

Dumb Ways to Die

If you’re looking for cute characters and fun graphics, Dumb Ways to Die is the game for you. The title might make you think that it’s a violent game, but it’s really not that kind of game.

The aim of the game is to stop the characters from dying in increasingly dumb ways. You’re their guardian, and you have to make sure they survive each level of the game. It’s a pretty timid game, but there is some thinking involved too!

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Car Eats Car

A lot of car games are boring and predictable nowadays. It often seems like we’ve seen it all before, and there is nowhere else to go for the car game. But Car Eats Car proves that that’s not necessarily true.

It combines the car game with the zombie game. The car you control has landed in a post-apocalyptic world where are the other cars are trying to eat yours. It’s original if nothing else! But there is a lot else to enjoy. It’s a fun time-killer that will entertain you whenever you’re bored.

Frisbee Forever 2

You’re probably wondering how a game that revolves around frisbee could possibly be much fun. But, I assure you, Frisbee Forever 2 is a lot of fun. You can download it on your Ipad for free, and I bet it’s not the game that you’re expecting.

You never actually throw the frisbee. A game that involved throwing and catching a frisbee probably would be pretty boring. Instead, you control the flight of the frisbee as if it were a plane gliding through the air. You have to collect stars as you soar above beautiful landscapes and designs.


There are a lot of great minimalist games being released right now. It’s as if game designers are rejecting the possibilities offered by modern technology and deciding to go back to basics instead. Wrassling is a wrestling game and looks like it was made about 25 years ago.

Your wrestler is a big clump of bits and all you can do it flail your arms around in order to defeat your opponents. The aim of this rather simple but addictive game is to stay in the ring and try to knock your opponents out of it.

With so many great free games at our fingertips, who needs an expensive console?

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