Would Life Be Better Without Television?

Television has completely revolutionised our society. Most of the people alive today do not remember a time before they had TV sets in their home. For a bit of fun, we wanted to find out what life would be like if that essential tech had never been created. Would we live a happier existence? Is it likely our lives would be less complicated? Let’s find out.

Slower transfer of information

One of the main benefits of everyone having a TV in their home is that important information can be transferred quickly. If there are any national or international emergencies, authority figures can let the public know about them in seconds.

Without televisions, we would have to get all our information from the newspapers. That means we probably wouldn’t learn about events until the day after.

Less entertainment

Whatever you think about television, there is no getting around the fact that it offers cheap entertainment to the masses. Before we all had TV sets in our home, people would have to buy tickets for their local cinema or visit the theatre. Both of those things cost money, and so most folks simply couldn’t afford to entertain themselves in that manner.

Weaker perspectives

The way in which we look at issues relating to our society is important. Without television, it would be possible for people to form uneducated opinions on vital matters because they couldn’t see the whole picture. TV documentaries help to give the public factual information that helps them to build a strong and accurate perspective.

To answer the question posed in the title of this post, no, life would not be better without television. In fact, it could be a whole lot worse!

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