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How Technology Is Improving Our Lives

Research and developments in technology have improved our lives so much. While there is still a case to be made for the older methods, no-one can discount the impact that smartphones and computers have had on our lives. That’s a result of developing technology. 

Whether it’s a prosthetic limb, an accounting app or a smart-lock, the people with the right know-how are making things happen and developing ideas that are changing lives every single day, and if they aren’t changing lives, they are simplifying the process of daily life for everyone else. 

If you’re a business owner, consider what tech has done for you and your company. Maybe you remember the days of thick ledgers and desks covered in mail. Your trusty laptop can be your accountant and it can manage your mail, without a scrap of paper to be seen. Your laptop can truly do it all. That’s tech. That is development. 

When we talk about our personal wellbeing, we often don’t think of science. We key into ideas of mindfulness, fitness and spirituality. We change our diets, go out for a run and decompress. Science and technology play a huge part in the development of our wellbeing, though. At face value, it seems like new diets are invented every single day - for better or for worse. Technology is doing so much for our health than simply finding new ways to eat.

For example, replacement limbs can be printed with a 3D printer, right now. Replacement organs are right around the corner, and research into bio-printers is steamrolling ahead. This is an amazing development, and if this can be done, anything can be done. 

Simpler tech developments for our health include apps and devices like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal - not only can our phones track what we eat, they can help us count calories. There are apps dedicated to specific workout routines and science is finding better ways to develop these routines for comfort and results. It’s easier than ever to take charge of our health thanks to technology. 

Mental health is as important as physical health and nothing can affect our minds like worry. The lack of safety and security creates a natural environment where it can breed uninhibited and unrestricted. We all need to feel safe, otherwise we are at the mercy of worry, stress and panic. Thankfully, technology can create safety. 

The home is the last bastion of security. It’s our retreat from the world, but people will always look to break in. Technology has made security a piece of cake. From smart locks to surveillance, research has broken through and allowed our home security to be managed from a single smartphone. Amazon’s Alexa, and Nest have allowed the ability for voice controlled management of our homes, this can be paired with smart security options around the house (alarms, locks and cameras) or a home security app so you can remotely manage and secure your household and look after our family

It doesn’t just stop at home though, as stated above, technology has done a lot for business and work. If you’re your own boss, sites and apps like Quickbooks and Paypal can help you through freelance life by organising your accounts and collecting/storing payments. It’s not only that, but there are plenty of productivity apps around to help you stay focused. Depending on your role, technology can help out. Tablets with a large surface area can allow you to take your graphic designing role around the world. The cloud can allow us to upload and work on files from anywhere on the globe that has a connection to the internet. Technology is bringing freedom to the workplace and it will continue to do so. 

Many tasks can now be automated thanks to computers. From daily virus scans to the delivery of goods, robotics and computers are playing their role well. Drones can carry and deliver packages, while the right code and macros can automate your workload and some admin tasks. 

How is technology improving our lives? There’s not just a sole answer to the question. As you can see, technology presents solutions to everyday issues making them easier to solve than ever before. From the loss of limbs, to organ transplants. From personal fitness, to productivity. From locking your door, to purchasing goods. Technology has given everyone more options. Choice is good, and there’s countless ways we can improve our lives, thanks to the smarts of those developing technology.

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