Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wow, These Tech Careers Are Awesome!

Have you ever thought about getting started down the path of a career involving technology? It’s actually not a bad idea. Researcher have suggested that the IT industry will grow phenomenally in the next few years. You might think that tech careers are boring and involve staring at a computer screen all day. But we’re not sure that’s true, and actually, there are plenty of different avenues to explore here. Some of these possibilities will lead to fantastic career options where the payout could be huge. Have we caught your attention? Then read on to find out what could be waiting for you with a career in technology. 

Develop The Next Ace App 

Fun fact, Pokemon Go was making hundreds of millions just hours after it had been released. In fact, it was so popular that it actually crashed servers and that’s why it had to be rolled out at a slower pace than expected. If you’re thinking Pokemon Go was always going to be a success because of the brand name...well, that’s not exactly true. While Pokemon Go was still popular before the release, it had lost much of its momentum. Only hardcore gamers were still interested so to get everyone playing was an impressive feat. You also have to remember that neither Nintendo nor Gamefreak developed the app. It was a once little-known company called Niantic that were behind it. They are the reason why it became so popular. The sky really is the limit in the world of app development. Many app developers make millions, and even the modest success stories are still quite impressive. Certainly, this makes the possibility worth exploring. 

Create Killer Software 

Automation is going to play a huge part in the future of the business world. This is already starting to happen. There are restaurants with robots that fix the food and even serve it. There are businesses that don’t have staff for customer service anymore. Instead, they use an automated piece of tech. This runs through all the questions a typical customer service operator would ask. It can even interact in a way that is, dare we say it, human. What you probably don’t know is behind all that complicated processing, there’s a little piece of software, hard at work. That software was conceived, created and sold by someone like you. If you have the mindset, you can help shape the future of the business world. It’s very easy to get started with software development, due to software test management tools being readily available to buy online. 

Become A Master Thief 

Or, how about working cracking codes and breaking through barriers as a living. No, we’re not talking about actual theft and robbery. Instead, you would be responsible for checking that software protecting businesses is working as it should. It would be your job to see if you could hack in. Hacking is a skill that while dangerous for business owners is also useful for security purposes. Therefore, you can bet you’d always be able to find work. 

We hope you find these ideas interesting. Who knows, perhaps we just inspired your next career choice.

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