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Starting a Home Based Business? Here’s What You’ll Need

Congratulations, you’ve taken the plunge and can now count yourself as one of the lucky workers who don’t have to commute to a boring, run of the mill job in the morning. You’re now the proud owner of a business which has the comfiest of headquarters - your own home! However, don’t be mistaken into believing that it’s all leisurely breakfasts and afternoon stints by the pool, oh no! There’s work to be done. And before even that can begin, you’ll need to get a whole host of home office equipment that will enable your business to operate smoothly.

The Basics 

First thing’s first, where will you be working? Of course it’ll be in your home, but where specifically? It matters. You’ll want to find a room in your home that is large enough to be comfortable, small enough that other distractions can’t be housed there. You’ll be spending large parts of your day here, so you’ll need to make sure it has a ‘working’ feel to it. That means arranging it with the usual office materials, such as a desk and chair, and also adding a couple of other necessities, such as a plant or personal items that put a personal stamp on the space. The chair in particular is a big one: make sure it’s ergonomic and thoroughly, thoroughly comfortable: you’ll thank us one day.

The Business Essentials 

Depending on what your business is, you’ll likely need to invest in some essential items that your business will not be able to operate without. The first is a computer; regardless of what you’ll be doing, it’s inconceivable to think that you will not be using a computer in some way or another, so make it a good and reliable model. A printer, one that can also copy and scan, will also be worth its weight in gold. You’ll also want to get a mobile credit card reader for taking payments from your customers, and also business cards to hand out to potential clients and at networking events. The usual office supplies, such as a calculator, pens, paper and the like will also come in handy on a daily basis. 

For Fun 

We have to emphasize this point: your office should not be fun, especially if you’re prone to distractions. However, having a mini basketball hoop, golf putting machine, or exercise equipment in your office can be beneficial, especially when you’re trying to work through a difficult problem. Just don’t go overboard: if you’re thinking of getting a Playstation, sofa, and television it’s time to get someone else to decorate your office! 

And Finally...A Do Not Disturb Sign 

You likely share your home with your family, who might not appreciate the hard work that is involved in setting up a home business. A sign that lets them know you’re engaged in important work will help keep them at bay. If a ‘do not disturb’ sign is a little too cold for you, get an ‘opens at [time]’ sign so they know when they can come in and see you!

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